Vicky Rainbow

Since a child, I have always loved dancing, music, performing and anything creative!  I was always in some kind of musical theatre performance, I played piano and used to have singing/dancing lessons.  My dream was to be brilliant at it!  I just needed to believe in myself!


In my early 20’s I went travelling & searching all around australia, asia and europe and opened my horizons to new ways of moving and being.  Having explored many kinds of dance disciplines & therapies (especially massage, 5 rhythmns, shamanic dance, Osho Aum meditation) in 2008 I discovered the The Nia Technique ( a holistic dance & fitness practice) and have been practising and teaching classes & workshops in oxford & beyond since.  I share regularly on retreats at the Global Retreat Centre, and have offered countless activities/workshops & performances there and around the uk/world over the past 12 years.

I have alIMG_0568so been developed my own unique “soulful” style of Dance Meditation and have recently trained as a MOVE TO HEAL & Nia Freedance teacher.

Singing/songwriting is another love of mine (I sing regularly at the entertainment evenings for people on retreats and at various events).  I am currently writing my first album with an amazing producer…go to my music page to see more..My MusicNia pink rainbow

My other joys in life are walking, gardening, and learning about nature.  I also love making arty/crafy things and experimenting with vegan cooking (i have a special flair for raw chocolates!)

My hope is that all i do in this world helps make it a more beautiful, happy, harmonious place to be…I believe that we can change this world and make it a better place and that now is the time to do that. x

Aug 2008 – Nia White Belt Training
Dec 2012 – Nia Green Belt Training
July 2016 – Nia Blue Belt Training
Nov 2016 – Move to Heal Training
April 2017 – Nia Freedance Training