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Classes & Workshops with Other Teachers

To take part in any of these classes or workshops, please contact the teachers directly to book your place.


Solstice and Full Moon Yoga Nidra Meditation - 22 Dec from 3-4pm 

As we enjoy the mid winter solstice, the longest night and return of the light, we also have a full moon to light our path into a deeply nurturing yoga nidra meditation practice.

We sink and soften into our breath and body, we release that which no longer serves us and set our Sankalpa or intention for the month and year ahead, listening to our hearts desire.

You lie comfortably on a yoga mat, a bolster under the knees perhaps, an eye pillow to allow you to deepen into relaxation, snuggled under your fluffy blanket and why not bring your hot water bottle to enhance the bliss.

All you need do then is listen to my voice as I guide to a place of stillness, all that is and is not, bringing you back slowly and leaving you feel nourished and transformed.

A small group, candlelight as always and soothing background music bring us to total and complete relaxation with awareness.

£10 payment secures your place. Call or text Jane Doyle.  For details go to https://www.facebook.com/events/184712582478310/


Problems with a leaky pelvic floor? Have to buy TenaLady? This is for you!

New Course starting in 2019

Go to https://www.personal-balance.co.uk/holistic-core-restore-pelvic-floor-core-fitness-classes-in-abingdon-and-oxford/ for more information.



Georgina Dunlevy of Gina D Yoga

RETREATS COMING IN 2019 - Details Coming soon...

Gina is an experienced vinyasa yoga teacher offering a unique blend of styles for a complete and holistic experience

Email: ginadyoga@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ginadyoga/