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Classes & Workshops with Other Teachers

To take part in any of these classes or workshops, please contact the teachers directly to book your place.


Meditation and Relaxation Sessions - Wed 11th July for 4 weeks 7.30-8.30pm

These sessions are general meditation sessions and de-stressing and relaxation for 1 hour. The group sit on chairs (or the floor on matts if preferred) and experience 4-5 different 5-10 minute meditations each week  with some discussion and introduction to meditation principles.

You don't have to share anything and if a particular meditation is not for you there is no obligation to take part.

Take the opportunity to enjoy meeting like minded people in a very friendly, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Each meditation is a 'guided' meditations meaning I'll tell you what to focus on the majority of the time and my voice will guide you - there is no sitting in silence trying to think of nothing!

They're a great way to commit to meditation and take some 'me time' to relax in a calming environment where you can have some peace and quiet.

contact stephanieclarksontherapies@outlook.com or text 07714579665 to book. 



Georgina Dunlevy of Gina D Yoga


Vinyasa Yoga: Open level

This class focuses on marrying breath and movement together allowing you to develop a ‘flow’ style practice. This practice focuses on developing strength as well as flexibility so expect to be challenged in places. The class is suitable for those with some basic understanding of yoga, and injuries can be accommodated for the practice. This class will be fun, dynamic and challenging so come with an empty stomach and open heart!

Gina is an experienced vinyasa yoga teacher offering a unique blend of styles for a complete and holistic experience

Email: ginadyoga@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ginadyoga/