Wellbeing fb event weekly


Thursdays 7-9pm from 14th May 2020

Are you seeking extra support & friendship at the moment? Are you struggling to look after yourself? Do you feel you'd like to give yourself some more time for self care?

Join me, Vicky Rainbow & others every week (via zoom) for an uplifting & nurturing couple of hours of self care. Join me as I guide you through various tools, techniques & practices - ones that I use regularly & have really helped me in my life. We will explore how to love, nourish & connect to our best selves in this unusual time.

FOR MORE DETAILS GO TO https://www.facebook.com/events/1157897041238462/. or https://www.meetup.com/soulshinewellbeingspace/events/njfbsrybchbsb/

SELF CARE ONLINE COURSE & RETREAT  - 7-9pm ( new date coming soon)

 Would you like to look after yourself more, to love, nurture & support yourself during these challenging times?

Join me Vicky Rainbow (Wellbeing Coach) and other like-minded people on an uplifting 8 week self care journey & retreat. We will be exploring all the various aspects of self care and I will guide you through tools, techniques & practices to find what works for you. Together we will learn, grow & support each other.

Places limited to 12. To find out more contact me



Would you like to learn to love yourself more?  Join my next exciting & transformational course journeying through all the aspects of self love.

More information coming soon.  please contact me below to know more....

FEEDBACK from past participants - ""LOVING OURSELVES NO MATTER WHAT COURSE Dec 2019"

Benefits gained

Remembering to be joyful and to lift oneself up. Listening to others and appreciating their wisdom, humanity and shared experience. Having the workbook to review with useful tools for bringing oneself back to happiness in dark moments. Rob

Provided deep thought process and understanding of myself. I have learnt techniques never tried before. Flipping the ‘dark’ negative to the ‘light’ positive. Jacqui

It has made me reflect on what I like about myself and any areas I need to work on.  It’s given me a base to work from and review. Roni

Im now not so hard on myself. I accept me as I am and I am able to forgive and not strive to be the person I think others want me to be. I may not be perfect but that’s fine. Chris

I am more compassionate to myself, more aware of my strengths, more forgiving of my weaknesses. I have learnt some new practices. Becky



Go on, have some fun, enjoy a shared experience and load your loving toolbox with goodies. This can be opened in moments of darkness to bring you back to loving forgiveness, for yourself and others. Rob

I have loved this course, I was open-minded and learnt new techniques including journalling and mirror work. I have gained more of an understanding of what I think love is to me and what to do for my own self-care.  Vicky is a great tutor and the group I was with were amazing. Trust, happiness and self-confidence are all increased. Thank you, I recommend this course, and making time for yourself.  Jacqui

Very enjoyable course, sharing and interacting with others. Thought-provoking. Lovely safe space  to share. Thank you for everything. Roni

Thank you Vicky for a wonderful and enlightening journey. A lovely experience, that anyone would find useful in raising their understanding of self. Becky

I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and found it revealing, it has developed my personal happiness and how I can achieve it. I would recommend it to anyone. Chris