💜Would you like to feel happier, healthier & enjoy your life more?

💜Are you struggling to look after yourself in some way?

💜Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually? 

💜Do you feel blocked?

💜Would you like to move fowards in your life?  

💜Do you long to heal yourself, be more creative and express yourself more freely?  

💜Do you need some extra help & support in loving yourself?  

I would love to help you...  

I will be a guide for you, to bring a clear understanding of your issues & concerns and to help you to reframe/ re-interpret them through a variety of creative and wellbeing therapies.  

Through skilfully listening, questioning, reflecting, encouraging, challenging, and supporting you with various creative and wellbeing tools/activities.

My Creative Wellbeing Toolkit works on many levels & includes:  dance/movement, meditation/mindfulness, writing/sharing/reflection, music/song, art/crafts, massage/touch, drama and more...

I will inspire you to look towards your future with a positive attitude, helping you deal with any challenges and problems in the best way possible.


*** Client Testimonials ***

I enjoyed my experience with Vicky very much.  Vicky is very inspirational and bought out the best in me, teaching me how to meditate, different types of meditation. Vicky also helped me to connect with myself and I learnt how creative I can be.  Vicky is a very kind, caring and thoughtful person who loves helping bringing out the best in people and showing them that anything is possible. I really would recommend Vicky and I would definitely like to attend more of her classes and creativity.  Thank you so much Vicky, I am truly grateful for your help, guidance, time and support you have given me. ❤️. (Elizabeth)

I have done a pathway of 5 sessions of Art therapy with Vicky, one per week. The pathway is finished now, and I feel so grateful. The beautiful environment of her house and garden helped a lot. I came with an issue to solve: going through a separation with a minimum of pain. Revisiting this process of letting go, cultivating acceptance. Vicky is a fantastic catalysor, she really tunes with you, establishing a safe and inspiring relationship. She questions your mind, mirror your emotions and find a way for you to express them and put them outside of yourself, which I found sometimes difficult, as an introverted mind. And this, this is Healing. I have rediscovered the power of the dance, the power of tears, the power of drawing, creating, painting, being cuddled, being hugged. Vicky just gave me lot of love, inconditional Love, and I feel, I hope, the power of re-creating this Love inside my self.  Thank you so much Vicky, this is invaluable. You made me a gift. (Geraldine)

The sessions with Vicky have genuinely helped both my physical and mental health. I'm feeling much more positive and I can see a huge difference from when I was at the start. I feel like I've got my life back on track and feel better prepared to handle things in the future, above all I had fun and was able to use my creativity, and get back doing art again (what I love).

I've been ill for a long time the gentle movement was really good for my body and Vicky tailored it to my ability level. I now have so many tools to cope with life's problems. (Louise)

I had two one-to-one sessions with Vicky and she helped me so much. I didn't know how to start my journey of mindfulness and meditation and she was so great explaining it all to me! The sessions were welcoming and fun and I got so much out of the experience, because Vicky was such a trusting and warm person to talk to. Vicky suggested a ton of great resources that I could get so i could continue the work myself which was great! I have been practicing the techniques we did in the sessions and I have noticed such a great positive change in my life. One of the best experiences I have and I am so grateful to Vicky for all the work she did with me! (Alicia)

I went to Vicky as I had ideas in my mind but just didn’t know where to start, I kept putting the idea off as I felt overwhelmed everytime I thought of it.    After my discovery call with Vicky, I knew that we would have a great working relationship, which we have! She is very knowledgable and her accountability skills are amazing, she reminds you of everything which you have spoken about and are hoping to achieve.  I am now well on my way to achieving these goals, and that is with Vickys help and acoountability.  She showed me how to take that first step which I so desperately needed and now the rest are falling into place 🙏 she is very warm and caring as a coach and that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much Vicky for helping to bring my dreams into reality. (Nikki)


What will you need?

You will need to create some extra time for yourself alongside a deep desire to change. This is very important. You will also need an open heart & mind.  I work intuitively. Together, we will un-earth and create the best path to take you where you most want to go in your life. My hope and wish is for you to be happy and to enjoy your life as much as you can.  And I will do my best to help you get there!

How I work?

Initially I offer a free 20 minute discovery call/meeting. There we can get to know each other and you can tell me in what ways you need help.   I will then let know if I can help you or not and I will offer a suggested program. I charge £30-£60ph

Please email me at info@soulshine.org.uk to arrange a suitable time/day.

I will intuitively guide you with my skills and expertise as a creative therapist, wellbeing coach & meditation/mindfulness/movement teacher, & dancer/artist.  I am fully insured.