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Do you feel you'd like to give yourself more time to have fun, develop new friendships & enhance your self care?  

Would you like a mini-holiday away from it all for a couple of hours every week in a beautiful, cosy, safe space?  

Join me & other like-minded women in my unique creative wellbeing classes & courses especially designed to bring more happiness, wellbeing & creativity in your life.  

I will intuitively guide, coach & inspire you with a variety of nurturing & uplifting activities from my creative wellbeing toolkit.  It will be a special time for you to move, express, play, relax, create and share. You don't need any experience of doing these activities, just a willing heart and an open mind.  We will also connect with the energies of the seasons and will be outside in nature as much as we can (weather permitting).  I try and make my craft activities as eco-friendly as possible.

♥ If you love yourself...expand creatively...try/learn new things...

and connect with others in a deep & authentic way...

then these sessions are definitely for you...♥

🌷Join my summertime classes🌷


Tuesdays 10am-12noon

COST = £20 or 15%off for low waged/concessions

Only 7 spaces for each class

***see dates and book via the booking page link below***


 If you'd like to have a chat with me to discuss if its suitable for you - I offer a 20MIN FREE DISCOVERY CALL OR MEETING - email to arrange a suitable time/date

much love xxx

Vicky Rainbow
Creative Therapist, Wellbeing Coach, Dancer & Artist


This course has been wonderful, it gave me confidence, comfort, inner peace, a feeling of belonging and time for self care.  I learnt to be myself and be comfortable in my own skin.  Hazel

This was a beautiful, healing, holding and creative space made by Vicky who is a very intuitive an experienced artist/dancer/coach/singer – her talents are endless! I met lovely, kind, strong, open, resourceful and vulnerable women on it and I felt filled with gratitude for each week. I felt I could just turn up and be as I am and I felt accepted, held and supported. I loved in particular the Artistic/craft activities.  But what I really appreciated was the opportunity to take part in other activities which I'm less used to such as singing collectively, dance/mindful movement, reflecting and journalling. It was all so beautiful, just what I needed. Also I've made some lovely connections with other women on the course which I really value. (Mina K)

Do it! Its great to meet people, connect to your innate artistic and creative nature and ability. There are times that you might be invited to step aside your comfort zone but these are fantastic opportunities for personal growth.  Ria H.

Vicky's creative well-being courses have been a source of connection and joy through movement – voicing – creation. I've loved every minute of being together in this way. Sylvia 

I highly recommend this course for many reasons. There were so many different aspects to it. Singing, Dancing, Crafts and Meditation. Plus great tools to help you cope with any issues you have. You get a chance to explore yourself and perhaps, identify areas where you are struggling and how to help yourself. This was also a  great course for making new friendships. Vicky is so vibrant and inspiring on the one hand, but very compassionate and understanding on the other - Nicky H

A fantastic opportunity to meet with likeminded people, and learn together under the guidance of an energetic, enthusiastic and talented teacher (Vicky).  I have learnt lots of different techniques for keeping a positive mindset, slowing down and appreciating life more.  It was really needed during these difficult times and I would highly recommend the course to others.  Thank you! - Becky C (teacher/coach)

I was drawn to this course during lockdown. I needed something new and different. I wasn’t disappointed. Each session moves the mind, body and soul. Jump in and learn how to make yourself feel happy. - Louise S (Health Coach)

The creative wellbeing course is a wonderful space where you can discover and share your happiness. The brilliantly lead exercises Vicky uses are so much fun and there is so much variety on this course that will really benefit you in your own wellbeing practice! Dancing, singing, journaling and meditation and so much more! Vicky brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion and a bright creative leadership. Highly Recommended - Jemma R (Singer/Creative Coach)

This course should be prescribed by the NHS, as it helps people connect from their right brain, allows them to step out of their comfort zone and grow with fun and lightness. Vicky was flexible in her approach, light-hearted and encouraging. She clearly lives what she teaches – a great leader and joy-bringer of our time - Silvia

If you are not sure and you feel you can't do it don't let that stop you - just do it, you will enjoy it.  Have fun and make new friends, you will open up your creativity. Helen F

Dont be scared, such a friendly safe space to be yourself and express your true self. Jude.

Vicky is so warm and kind.  This course will definitely inspire you, open your creative side and enable you can have fun whilst meeting new people.  (Laura)

Try something new - discover new ways to enjoy you "me" time.  Enjoy creative and meaningful projects to take home.  Appreciate the wonders and colours of life. (Penny)

Vicky is so creative with wonderful ideas that are quite new and different from other things I have come across! (Jo)

Thursday nights were like a magic elixir for stress & anxiety.  Just learning to be creative for creative sake rather than having to be productive with it. I learned self care techniques to take away - "in this moment I am...." (Jess)

I have connected more to my true self and grown as a woman, I have learnt o let go and do things more mindfully.  It has been wonderful to grow in this beautiful, safe, sociable, natural environment.

Give it a try, try something just for you!  You will always gain something from doing this course.  Its a very unique opportunity, a gift to give yourself.  A real treasure chest.  Roxy