FIND YOUR HAPPY! -   6 wk Creative Wellbeing Course & Half-Day Celebration/Mini-Retreat


Join me & other like-minded people for a nurturing & uplifting journey to bring more health, happiness & harmony in your life.

Whatever your struggles are, whether you are facing loss or loneliness, or any other challenges that you may have in your life, its so important to take time for yourself to enhance your creativity & wellbeing. 

This course is all about happiness, together we will explore: what is it, how can we feel it more, what stops us feeling it and how we can create more of it in our lives.

I will intuitively guide, coach & inspire you with a variety of creative wellbeing activities. It will be a special time for you to create, learn, play, relax & share. By the end of the course you will feel more fulfilled, inspired and connected.

The sessions will take place here at soulshine every week for 2 hours.  The doors open 15 mins before so you can arrive in good time and have a chat/cuppa.  

During the course I will also offer you some homework to keep you positively focused during the week & there will be a chance to stay connected to the other participants on a Facebook group/whatsapp.  

At the end of the course we will have a special half day celebration/mini retreat (date tbc).

Sign up now or try a taster workshop to see if it's for you.



Tuesday 18th May - 10-11.30am & Thursday 20th May - 6-7.30pm (spaces limited)

Cost: £10 (book below). If you cant come to these - contact me to arrange a FREE 20min in person chat & tour of the space.


Tuesday 25th May - 9.45am-12noon & Thursday 27th May 5.45pm-8pm (max 7 people)

COST: £160 (Early bird until 20th May = £135) (book below)

If you have any more questions/want to chat about it please contact me at or 01235553894.  If you cant make this course but want to come in the future please email me to let me know or join my newsletter as I will be doing it & others again in the future.  

Much love xxx

Vicky Rainbow
Wellbeing Coach, Dancer & Creative Artist 
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***Testimonials from past courses***

I highly recommend this course for many reasons. There were so many different aspects to it. Singing, Dancing, Crafts and Meditation. Plus great tools to help you cope with any issues you have. You get a chance to explore yourself and perhaps, identify areas where you are struggling and how to help yourself. This was also a  great course for making new friendships. Vicky is so vibrant and inspiring on the one hand, but very compassionate and understanding on the other. Sign up to this to find your Happy Place! - Nicky Hooper (choreographer)

A fantastic opportunity to meet with likeminded people, and learn together under the guidance of an energetic, enthusiastic and talented teacher (Vicky).  I have learnt lots of different techniques for keeping a positive mindset, slowing down and appreciating life more.  It was really needed during these difficult times and I would highly recommend the course to others.  Thank you! - Becky Costello (teacher/coach)

This course should be prescribed by the NHS, as it helps people connect from their right brain, allows them to step out of their comfort zone and grow with fun and lightness. This course showed that just engaging with ‘happiness’ was helping us to change our attitude and mindset, at least as a break from the difficulties of our time. Vicky was flexible in her approach, light-hearted and encouraging. She clearly lives what she teaches – a great leader and joy-bringer of our time - Silvia Siret, Systemic Therapist.

I was drawn to this course during lockdown. I needed something new and different. I wasn’t disappointed. Each session moves the mind, body and soul. Jump in and learn how to make yourself happy. - Louise Stanbridge (Health Coach)

Find Your Happy is a wonderful space where you can discover and share your happiness. The brilliantly lead creative wellbeing exercises Vicky uses are so much fun and there is so much variety on this course that will really benefit you in your own happiness practice! Dancing, singing, journaling and meditation and so much more! Vicky brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion and a bright creative leadership. Highly Recommended for anyone who wants to Find their Happy! - Jemma Rosenthal (Singer/Creative Coach)




FEEDBACK from past participants - ""LOVING OURSELVES NO MATTER WHAT COURSE Dec 2019"

Benefits gained

Remembering to be joyful and to lift oneself up. Listening to others and appreciating their wisdom, humanity and shared experience. Having the workbook to review with useful tools for bringing oneself back to happiness in dark moments. Rob

Provided deep thought process and understanding of myself. I have learnt techniques never tried before. Flipping the ‘dark’ negative to the ‘light’ positive. Jacqui

It has made me reflect on what I like about myself and any areas I need to work on.  It’s given me a base to work from and review. Roni

Im now not so hard on myself. I accept me as I am and I am able to forgive and not strive to be the person I think others want me to be. I may not be perfect but that’s fine. Chris

I am more compassionate to myself, more aware of my strengths, more forgiving of my weaknesses. I have learnt some new practices. Becky



Go on, have some fun, enjoy a shared experience and load your loving toolbox with goodies. This can be opened in moments of darkness to bring you back to loving forgiveness, for yourself and others. Rob

I have loved this course, I was open-minded and learnt new techniques including journalling and mirror work. I have gained more of an understanding of what I think love is to me and what to do for my own self-care.  Vicky is a great tutor and the group I was with were amazing. Trust, happiness and self-confidence are all increased. Thank you, I recommend this course, and making time for yourself.  Jacqui

Very enjoyable course, sharing and interacting with others. Thought-provoking. Lovely safe space  to share. Thank you for everything. Roni

Thank you Vicky for a wonderful and enlightening journey. A lovely experience, that anyone would find useful in raising their understanding of self. Becky

I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and found it revealing, it has developed my personal happiness and how I can achieve it. I would recommend it to anyone. Chris