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Nia – Love Your Body, Love Your Life

Look Good & Feel Good
Get Fit, Have Fun, Feel Great!

What is Nia?

Nia is a safe, holistic fitness programme.   A whole body workout, using expressive, grounded movements. Effective and fun, Nia helps people to feel fitter, to feel the enjoyment, & the freedom of being able to move their bodies. Nia is based on the principle that the body responds best to pleasure. Nia was developed to move the body, the way it loves to move, the way it was designed to move - The Body's Way.  Nia is the ultimate 'East meets West' method to tone your body, mind and spirit. Its fitness fusion at it's finest.

Nia is all about joyous movement to become healthy. Nia's barefoot, grounded approach maximizes body efficiency and teaches you to consciously move in a gentler way.  Modern dance movements are mixed with heart-pumping karate kicks and subtle therapeutic suggestions and visualization techniques help you develop awareness and heighten sensation.

The result is a fusion of movement styles that are freer than any other dance-based exercise. You'll experience the expressiveness of dance, the power of martial arts, and the wisdom of the healing arts. Nia offers an experience that embraces individual creativity, self inquiry and free expression.  It is possible to stay fit and reap much deeper benefits - a sense of well being that filters through other aspects of your life.

Nia enables people to achieve physical, mental and emotional health. Nia changes people's lives. 

Nia Blends Nine Movement Forms

Martial Arts:  T’ai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido
Dance Arts:  Jazz Dance, Modern Dance, Duncan Dance
Healing Arts:  Yoga, Alexander Technique, The Teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais 

Benefits:     Greater Cardiovascular Fitness  Stress Reduction  Improved Muscle Tone  Greater Flexibility    Improved Stamina    Postural  Alignment Weight Management     Increased Vitality    Increased Mobility   Improved Mental And Emotional Health   Greater Sense Of Centering, Grounding And Wellbeing.

It is Non Impact, suitable for all ages, fitness levels, shapes, sizes and personalities.

Go to www.nianow.com to find out more....

“Nia is movement-medicine for the body and soul.”



All the courses & workshops will be facilitated by me, Vicky Rainbow, Certified Nia Blue Belt & Nia Freedance Instructor with over 10 years teaching experience. I am currently the only teacher in Oxfordshire but my hope is that others do the training and become teachers too.

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  I offer regular term-time courses & workshops. I also incorporate Nia in my retreats.

My new 6 week summer courses will be starting w/c 3 June but you are welcome to come and taste a class or have a 1-1 with me in the meantime. For £10 I offer either a 30min Introductory 1-1 Taster or a trial group class if there is space (please contact me at info@soulshine.org.uk or call me on 01235 553894 to see what's available)   

Otherwise you can come to my INTRO TO NIA WORKSHOP on Sat 25th May 10am-1pm.  This is a great chance to really learn and discover what Nia is. 

£30 or £23 early bird (NIAINTRO (expires May 15, 2019) is the COUPON CODE).  Just 7 Spaces available.  See details below.  Please do call me if you have any questions about anything.

See details of everything below or contact me for more information

I love Nia!, Its a total mind, body, spirit celebration.”

Christiane Nothrup, M.D., Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom.”