What is Soul Shine Dance Meditation

What is Soul Shine – Dance Meditation?

Soul Shine Dance Meditation (SSDM) has been created by Vicky Rainbow (www.soulshine.org.uk) over the past 10 years. It is a collection of tools, techniques, exercises, reflections, affirmations & movements that can help you create more health, happiness and harmony in your heart & mind (thoughts/feelings), body, soul and thus with others and in the world around.

The dances can be guided simple steps or freedance (gives you a chance to explore your own natural ways of movement). All the music is carefully chosen and is uplifting, healing and inspiring.

What is SSDM Philosphy?

SSDM works on the belief that I am a soul, a spiritual being that lives inside my body and that i make the body move. The soul is the energy that thinks, feels and experiences. When I can get in touch with myself (the soul), I can decide what thoughts I want to create, what feelings I want to feel, how I want to move/use my body, and what I would like to express out to others and the world. I can also connect with the supreme soul/God/the Divine and receive love, power and guidance from that One & share that with others & the world

SSDM draws its ideas/beliefs from a variety of spiritual philosophies, great teachers and personal development paths such as the Raja Yoga (Brahma Kumaris), Buddhism, and Louise Hay.  It is always adapting and changing, but it is essentially a therapeutic practise to connect with the goodness, beauty and power that lives within.

Who is it for?

SSDM is suitable for all ages and abilities. Everyone can move at their own pace. It is a light and joyful way of releasing old energy and bringing in new thoughts & feelings into our lives. Its great for people who love to meditate yet are unable to sit too much.

What happens in a class?

Classes can range from 30mins to 2hrs. A general class is 1hr. Each class is unique but there is a simple structure…..

-Welcome & Meditation

-Warm up & Connecting with our body/breathe

-Connecting with the Self

-Connecting/sharing with others

-Connecting with god, nature, the world

-End Sitting Meditation (usually on gratitude)

-Group sharing

Dancing In The Light

I Can And I Will

Believing In Myself

Peace, Love & Happiness

Old To New

Being In The Moment

Moving Into Peace

Being My Own Best Friend

Loving Myself

Finding Freedom

Discover Your Inner Treasures

Appreciation & Gratitude

Wake Up Your Body Parts – Appreciate Each One

Move With Moment To Moment Awareness.

Breathe, Move & Let Go

Gratitude To Body, Self, Others, God, Life.

Give A Loving Massage To Yourself

Move And Connect To God/The Divine/The Supreme

Move Freely Without Judgement

Move And Feel What I Am Feeling – Accepting All That Is

Be Still And Reflect. Notice What Comes Up Inside Of Me

Move With A Virtue/Power. Share Virtues/Powers

Move With An Affirmation. Share Affirmations

Mirror Another’s Virtues/Powers

Share Good Wishes/Pure Feelings With The World/Others


  1. James Barns on 26/10/2015 at 8:59 am

    This sounds to be a great way to relax your mind and reduce depression.

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    thanks for nice information

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