These are the therapists which use the space on a regular basis

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Jennifer Kenning, MFHT – Massage Therapist

We all store our issues in our tissues!  Massage is an effective way of addressing those issues and it gives us an incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating experience.  Having completed training in 2008 through courses and clinical work at Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage (OSTM), in Syracuse, New York, I am a qualified massage therapist and have been practicing bodywork for over 12 years.  I offer a holistic approach to health and wellbeing through massage and bodywork, incorporating many different techniques. 

  • DEEP TISSUE Characterized by slow movement and sustained deep pressure on areas of tension. Focus is on realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.
  • TRIGGER POINT THERAPY Consists of alternating levels of concentrated pressure on specific tender areas known as trigger points. Effective release will also eliminate referral pains which cause dysfunction in other areas of the body.
  • MYOFASCIAL RELEASE Utilizes sustained pressure and movement of fascial tissue in order to eliminate restriction within the various layers. Particularly effective in relief of back or cervical pain, scoliosis, headaches, fibromyalgia, and restrictions of movement.
  • SWEDISH Characterized by long, gliding strokes with pressure levels ranging from light to firm depending on the client's preference. Benefits include relaxation, elimination of toxins, improved circulation, and reduced scar tissue.
  • MUSCLE ENERGY TECHNIQUE (MET) Uses the gentle muscle contractions of the client against resistance to relax and lengthen muscles and normalize joint motion.  This is an active technique and is effective for increasing range of motion (ROM).

I am so excited and honoured to support others on their health and wellness journeys!     07814 939900


Nora Roche  CST - CranioSacral Therapy, Massage, Reflexology

Seeking to de-stress and relieve pain, I trained in various bodywork and emotional work disciplines. Drawing skills from all these practices into the treatment I practice today to customise your treatment.

CranioSacral Therapy when you need help to relieve physical pain, unexplained pain and emotional issues such as stress, anxiety and trauma following accident or illness craniosacral therapy can support you.  Time after time children with conditions such as autism, behavioural issues and sensory issues report relief from craniosacral treatment.  

Massage helps relieve a broad range of ailments from muscle pain to injury and stress.  I combine soft tissue techniques to help to relieve aches and pains to support ease and well-being. 

Reflexology treats the whole body through working on pressure points on your feel which correspond to all systems and areas of your body to energise and relax and improve general wellness.

Personally: I love making things, simplifying things, anything natural, organic, allotmenting, learning and more.   01235 525115     07876 697085

Hannah, Jerry and Patricia are registered osteopaths who can help you with neck and back pain, and joint and muscle aches and pains. They take a detailed case history and perform a thorough clinical examination to help understand the nature of your pain and symptoms so that they can arrive at a diagnosis. They use touch, physical manipulation, stretching and massage to help increase the mobility of joints, to relieve muscle/joint tension and pain. They often combine a range of other treatment techniques in their approach, such as rehabilitative exercises, advice about how you can self-manage your condition and educational approaches to help you understand your pain and the factors which influence it.
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Elisabetta Lichy – Solutions Focused Hypnotherapist -  AfSfH (Reg)  CNHC(Reg)

I am a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, about to graduate from the Clifton Practice, the UK leading provider of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Training, established by David Newton, founder of the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy method.

I firmly believe we all have innate powers to develop and reach our maximum physical and mental potential, whatever that might be.  Modern living however can get in the way by adding all sorts of stressors, pressures and restrictions. The era of COVID hasn’t made things easier.

As a Clinical Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist I can help you become the person you want to be by focusing on the solutions to the problem(s) that have prompted you to seek support.  Through hypnosis and solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) I can help you free yourself from all the fears and anxieties which are holding you back, by creating new positive thinking pathways.

Issues I can help you with through hypnotherapy include amongst others, anxiety, depression, postpartum depression, panic attacks, phobias, IBS, ME, long COVID, ADHD, OCD, pain management, weight management, lack of confidence and relationship issues.

The therapy is offered in a secure and relaxed environment and is delivered in a constructive way so as to encourage positive change. You will come out of each session with a greater awareness of your innate ability to maximise your potential.

Are you ready to start living the life you have always wanted to live? If so go to or email me at or call me on 07942637522. I offer a free initial consultation.


Vicky Rainbow - Creative Wellbeing Coaching, Creative Arts Therapy & Mindfulnesss/Movement/Meditation.

Would you like to feel happier, healthier & enjoy your life more? Are you struggling to look after yourself in some way? Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually? Do you feel blocked? Would you like to move fowards in your life?  Do you long to heal yourself, be more creative and express yourself more freely?  Do you need some extra help & support?  

I will be a guide for you, to bring a clear understanding of your issues & concerns and to help you to reframe/ re-interpret them through a variety of creative and wellbeing activities.  Through skilfully listening, questioning, reflecting, encouraging, challenging, and supporting you with various creative and wellbeing tools, I will inspire you to look towards your future with a positive attitude, helping you deal with any challenges and problems in the best way possible.

Find out more at Creative Wellbeing Coaching & Therapy 1-1 sessions


Silvia Siret – Holistic Life Coaching; Family Constellations Facilitation; Mindfulness; Group Therapy

If you experience any of the following challenges, I’m confident to be able to help you:

  • Mental health issues (low moods; busy mind; reoccurring disturbing thoughts)
  • Physical health issues (unexplained; re-occurring; apparently untreatable)
  • Parenting issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Lack of hope, self confidence, self acceptance, energy, perspective, or purpose

I’ve been through all of the above myself. What helped me most was continuously stepping out of my comfort zone with safe guidance. Looking into my ancestral history and gaining deeper understanding of the influences, which made me think and act the way I used to, was ground-breaking and transformational for me. I believe you have what it takes to feel better ; let me help you find your resources and inner wisdom.

In me you will find a non-judgmental, kind, highly aware and integral listener, who will gently guide you to the place you’re yearning to be.

Call me for a non-committal, free chat on 07894 434 295 or email me at 

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Our Peaceful Therapy Room
Our Peaceful Therapy Room