These are the therapists which use the space on a regular basis

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Piotr Piekarniak – BTEC level 5 soft tissue therapist – sports and remedial massage, treatment of scars

Soft Tissue Therapy is a therapy that deals with soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia).  The core of this therapy is massage.  I use massage techniques to warm up the body, improve circulation and apply superficial or deep strokes to specific muscles to achieve relaxation. I also use advanced techniques such as Soft Tissue Release (STR), Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), Neuromuscular Techniques (NMT), to name a few, depending on the needs of my client.

Therapy session starts with subjective and objective assessments followed up by relevant special tests. Next, comes a treatment plan based on clinical reasoning. This plan is continuously adjusted for each person, each case and each session. There are no two treatments that would be the same as there are no two identical people. I can also advise you on exercises, diet and lifestyle changes promoting your health.                     07707863264


Janice Nicholls - Aromatherapy Massage, Bowen, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Indian Head Massage, Mindfulness, Reflexology, Reiki, Wellbeing Coaching 

I am an Aromatherapist, Essential Oil Educator, Parenting Advocate, Spiritual Teacher and Holistic Wellness Coach.  I love sharing my knowledge and empowering others to find natural solutions for everyday health; this is my passion!

My therapuetic journey started when I discovered the power of essential oils and how they offered so much more than just physical healing.  I learnt to value that healing is my responsiblity and through my 10 week coaching process, based on principles of confidence, stress management, soul and emotional wellbeing, I believe that we can all live a meaningful, healthy and deeply nourished life.    

I live in Abingdon and have five children and four grandchildren.  When I'm not working I enjoy reading motivational books, early morning swimming and walking in Nature. I love travelling to the US to see my daughter and grandchildren.  

I am currently working on my new website 'Seasons of Change'.      07877 994882


Nora Roche  CST - CranioSacral Therapy, Massage, Reflexology

Seeking to de-stress and relieve pain, I trained in various bodywork and emotional work disciplines. Drawing skills from all these practices into the treatment I practice today to customise your treatment.

CranioSacral Therapy when you need help to relieve physical pain, unexplained pain and emotional issues such as stress, anxiety and trauma following accident or illness craniosacral therapy can support you.  Time after time children with conditions such as autism, behavioural issues and sensory issues report relief from craniosacral treatment.  

Massage helps relieve a broad range of ailments from muscle pain to injury and stress.  I combine soft tissue techniques to help to relieve aches and pains to support ease and well-being. 

Reflexology treats the whole body through working on pressure points on your feel which correspond to all systems and areas of your body to energise and relax and improve general wellness.

Personally: I love making things, simplifying things, anything natural, organic, allotmenting, learning and more.   01235 525115     07876 697085


Silvia Siret – Holistic Life Coaching; Family Constellations Facilitation; Mindfulness; Group Therapy

If you experience any of the following challenges, I’m confident to be able to help you:

  • Mental health issues (low moods; busy mind; reoccurring disturbing thoughts)
  • Physical health issues (unexplained; re-occurring; apparently untreatable)
  • Parenting issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Lack of hope, self confidence, self acceptance, energy, perspective, or purpose

I’ve been through all of the above myself. What helped me most was continuously stepping out of my comfort zone with safe guidance. Looking into my ancestral history and gaining deeper understanding of the influences, which made me think and act the way I used to, was ground-breaking and transformational for me. I believe you have what it takes to feel better ; let me help you find your resources and inner wisdom.

In me you will find a non-judgmental, kind, highly aware and integral listener, who will gently guide you to the place you’re yearning to be.

Call me for a non-committal, free chat on 07894 434 295 or email me at 

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Our Peaceful Therapy Room
Our Peaceful Therapy Room